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Introduction to Sanskrit




1 Day

About the Course


Date :                  TBC coming soon

Time :                  10:00 – 4:00 GMT

Location :            Online and Inperson events


Short Description

The majic and deep wisdom of Sanskrit cannot be learnt by being read it must be sounded to be , ti o unlock it’s secrets.   In this 1 day experiential course you will experience Sanskrit through mantra, meditation, texts and philosophy.  The study of sanskrit is a spiritual practice in itself and something arises within when one does this.  This is not going to be a dry learning day, this will be fully feeling day!!


Course Detail

We will enter to language of Sanskrit through a number of guided meditations, some call and response mantra, some feeling out of how the letters interact with each other and the journeys between them.   Each letter in Sanskrit holds it own personal resonance which is connected to when sounding.   Chanting the sanskrit alphabet is like connecting to the divine on the tongue.

Course Objectives

1 Learn the matrka (the vowels of the alphabet)

2 Learn the Varamālā (the alphabet)

3  Understand the 6 rules of  sounding

4  What happens when letters come together

4 Introduction to pronouncing O

5 How the letters align to the elements

6 how the Bija mantras are arrived at.

Course Includes

Two meditations

Recordings to practice to post course

Certificate off attendance (electronic)

One recording reviewed post course.

CPD points with College of Sounds Healing and Yoga Alliance

Whose it's for

If you can listen you can sound sanskrit.  This day is for everyone, but particularly those who are completely or relatively new to sounding Sanskrit and have maybe not know how to approach it before or perhaps have had the idea that it was too complicated.  Granted sanskrit is can be a life long decidation but it all starts with the first  “Ah ….”.

Course Start Date


Course Outcome

CPD Hours with College of Sound Healing and Yoga Alliance

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