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Course Overview

2.5 hours of online mantra, meditation and magic in this online session where you can explore and enjoy the Gāyatrī mantra.  Easy to follow learning model, lots of practice (as loud as you like and make as many mistakes, you're at home!)  Connecting to spirit through sound and learning some sanskrit along the way.  

What do I need for this 

If you can breath you can chant.  Apart from that an open heart and a beginners mind.  You don't need any mantra, chanting or sanskrit experience, but if you do then it's a chance to go deeper.

Can you relate? 

Do you know you need some sacred 'me time' 

Do you have a call explore sacred sound 

Have you tried mantra and are keen to go deeper 

Have you heard mantra and really want to have a go 

Would you like to expand the way you offer mantra with your community

Would you like to learn how to sound a little sanskrit without all the books 

Are you time tight and want a quick way to get to 'the good stuff'

Is this for me?

This is for both beginners and those with experiences.  Students of yoga and sound who want to lean in and learn a little more, yoga teachers, sound practitioners, other mystics and healers and any sound curious souls who want to take a dip into the beauty that is vedic mantra.  Learn and expand on a personal practice or what you share with your communities .


The Benefits


What To Expect








The Details

What's Included

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