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Namaste and Welcome

Sound Healing, Mantra, Yoga and other magic

Yogis, sound healers, chanters, midlife goddesses, sages and other mystics lend me your ears, because all things sacred sound and the sound of yoga are my thing. After a number of years in the social media and marketing wilderness, pondering on how I want to show up, what I have to offer and how I can best be of service I am back!

The (yoga) mat was pulled from underneath me

The beginning of Covid feels like a long time ago now but it rippled through my life and I am still feeling it's effects. Now, hopefully, in a positive light (or vibration!)

I was a full time yoga teacher, but that identity was challenged when we went into lock down. My gym gigs got cancelled and I just couldn't get passionate about teaching yoga online. I felt like the (bad pun incoming) the 'yoga' mat was well and truly pulled out from underneath me.

Let it go.

I was calling myself a yoga teacher but, like most of us, I am a BOTH/AND woman and wear many hats. I was sharing so much more than that. It took something big to make me realise that I had something more to offer, something else was pulling my soul, but hadn't quite grown big enough for me to go all in yet.

After many months, much meditation, a few minor meltdowns with some crisis of faith thrown in I surrendered and released yoga teaching back to the universe for a while, it wasn't an easy call but I knew it was the right one and ... for the moment I stopped forcing what wasn't working.


I had just moved to a new house with a basement that I had lovingly decorated and had claimed as my sound room. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by all my gorgeous instruments, along with all the bags and boxes and general chaos that I hadn't had the patience to put away in my eagerness to play everything, I was in my element.

I spent days down there and when I caught myself, eyes shut, playing the guitar as well the sruti box with a foot pedal singing at the top of myself I had to laugh out loud at how hilarious but absolutely joyful I must have looked and I knew it was time to start sharing again. What could be better then holding space for for other people to have their

singing at the top of your voice with your eyes shut feeling?

See you soon ...

I realise not just how joyous Yoga or Sound Baths or Mantra are as a personal practice but how incredible they are and how amplified when they are shared together in community.

I want to share with you all the things that make me happy, not just Yoga or Sound Baths or Mantra but all the other delicious things that I have learnt over the years and never had the confidence to share.

I can't wait to share my newly inspired workshops and courses with you. So whether you are into Yoga, Sacred Sound or Other Magic I hope to see you soon.

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