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History of the Chakras Experience

Date       :  11th August

Time       :  9.30am to 4.30pm

Location :  Online

Price       :  £80

Embody the evolution of the chakra system via gorgeous yoga and sound practices interwoven with a learning the history .  Experience slices of the chakra's past, in this 1 day immersion as we journey forward from ancient India through the birth of the rainbow to today.

The 'modern' colour system is only 50 years old, 100 if you look at it another way, but it's past is beguiling and deep.   These are not two separate stories rather an 'epic' of chapters still being written.

At the root of the naval is the shining lotus of ten petals, of the colour of heavy laden rain clouds.


ṣaṭ cakra nirūpaṇa, verse 19

How would you feel if I told you that the solar plexus chakra was dark blue ? Or that the modern rainbow colour system is 50 years old, 100 at most. 


My faith in what I accepted to be 'true' about the cakra system and confidence in what I shared was well and truly shook when I chanced across an article by a tantric scholar. Had what I been taught been wrong all this time? Experience chakra's history through a number of yummy practices as we take a walk through the past together

The History of The Chakra Systems

Half workshop, half retreat.  Feel the power of the chakra system through introspective experience as well a practical look at it's journey through the ages, the milestones and the people who shaped it's path.  

Course Overview

7 hours of online mantra, meditation and meaning where you explore the evolution of the Chakra system through a number of spiritual practices, it is through these that the true teachings reveal themselves to us.   This is combined with a practical learning on the history different systems and uses.

Is this for me?
..This is for?

Both beginners and those with previous experience of any cakra system 

Students of yoga, sound and spirituality who want to to go deeper

Yoga teachers, sound practitioners, who want to expand their offering 

Other mystics, witches, sages and sorcerers who want to expand their knowledge and practices

Any curious souls who want to use cakras as a spiritual or healing practice 

Can you relate? 

You have a call explore cakra systems for healing or spirituality

You want a day of sacred retreat time but want to combine that with a learning day 

You've had a taste of a cakra practice and are keen to go deeper 

You have an established practice and want to learn some new ones 

You want to teach, share and offer from a place of authenticity 

Would you like to expand the way you use cakra systems with your communities

Would you like to learn the history of the cakra system without doing all the reading

Youyou time tight and want a quick way to get to 'the good stuff'

What's included

CPD Yoga Alliance - 7hrs

CPD College of Sound Healing - 1 day

Extensive workbook

Ongoing support

Recorded practices

The Benefits

  • 7 hours of connecting inner wisdom and outer wisdom

  • Learn from a place of feeling not thinking 

  • A deep learning experience without the deep academics 

  • New personal practices 

  • New offerings to share 

  • Understanding how sanskrit and the cakras are connected

  • Understanding that the cakra paths are many 

  • Getting aligned with you're style of cakra wisdom

  • Confidence in the brand of Cakra magic you adopt

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What To Expect

Historical Systems


Take a walk through the multiple models of ancient India to appreciate that the multiple paths and purposes.  There has never been one model or even just an old and a new.

Prominent People


There are some colour people along chakras journey o the west.  Learn more about them and how they contributed to the twists on charkas journey to what it is today.

East versus West

Colour Visualisations


Ponder the fundamental differences and similarities between East and West approaches. i.e. keeping the outer landscape balanced in order  to understand the inner and visa versa.


Explore some of the different colour systems through visualisations.   See how these feel the same or different to the 'standard' rainbow model

Sanskrit and Bijas


Through chanting follow the journey of the various letters back to their source and understand more deeply their relationship with the elements and with the chakras

Meditate other chakras


Meditations on other chakras, those both lesser known from the past and those from newer emerging models and contemplate their impacts


The Details

Date:  6th April 9.30am - 4.30pm

Where: Online 

Price: £80

What's Included

  • CPD 7 hour Yoga Alliance 

  • CPD 1 Day College of Sound Healing

  • Electronic certificate of attendance

  • Extensive workbook

  • Handouts for using in your sessions

  • Recording of the session

  • Other meditation and practice recordings

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